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We specialize in Cummins Fuel Injection Services

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61 Akwamaryn Avenue, Klerksoord, Rosslyn, Pretoria

We are based in Pretoria, but we do not hesitate to provide service all over the country. We also have done many business transactions in other African countries and abroad.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When were you established?2023-08-30T12:12:37+02:00

Eagle Fuel Injection Repairs was established in 2003, and 20 years on we are proud to say we are still going strong.

Who owns and runs Eagle Fuel Injection Repairs CC2023-08-30T12:13:33+02:00

The member of the company Mr. Rudi van Niekerk has almost 30 years of experience and knowledge in Cummins and takes his trade very seriously.

What are your core services?2023-08-30T12:14:05+02:00

We specialize in Cummins Fuel Injection Services. Anything from diagnostics to test and report or recondition of your injectors or fuel pumps.

What else do you do, in a nutshell?2023-08-30T12:14:34+02:00

We also keep stock on various Cummins engine parts. But if we don’t have it in stock, we can supply on demand. We also provide the service of reconditioning Cummins engines and components.

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